Teacher Therefore, I realized how come that Peter who following Jesus Chris to that deadly field cried that hard after he found out he denied Jesus Chris three times, because that not only lost his hope to see our True God love, but also lost his good luck to take advantage of his teacher dying for 辦公室出租him. That how the students must see Teacher above anyone, not mention their own sucking parents like that stupid bad ugly evil Ida Shaw showed sinisterly taking advantage of my naive to make my first daughter to 房屋買賣teach her daughter Jessica Shaw(Her Chinese name sounding like "Shower.Inn" <蕭穎, she looked like Hillary and Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton; therefore, the Hillary Clinton you saw most likely indeed Ida Shaw instead o 術後面膜f real Hillary Clinton, because Ida Shaw and Jimmy Shaw used their daughter to take over Chelsea Clinton ID in that 9.11.2001 TwinTower crime riot, then both of them got the dark site to take over Hillary and Bill Clinton left behind.> like JungShiau 襯衫Lin's master or partner or slave "Lo Yen" nick name "小音"; you stupid bad ugly evil Ida Shaw dare shamelessly personally ask my daughter to teacher your own daughter Jessica Shaw specially, you dareless see my daughter like your God, you dareless see me like your God's 景觀設計mom instead of looking me down, you must be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later.), I curse Jessica Shaw 蕭穎 be killed and go to hells along with her sucking parents Ida and Jimmy Shaw, because like Confucius said "Way.女子.Yu.Shower.Ren.Nun.Young.Yell", not mention Jessica Shaw 蕭穎 is 女子 票貼 fake man Ida Shaw and "Shower.Ren" evil doer Jimmy Shaw combined "1.Die.Boot.Rule.1.Die". Therefore, I realized how come I was silent nicely dealt with JungShiauLin's "Sir.Chin.Fun" when he led me to a dark sight coffee shop, because it was indeed my only option to earn extreme Satan to respect me fair and balan 辦公室出租ce enough to stand in my side, because I paid tuition to that stupid bad ugly evil JackWhat to learn English but ended learned nothing but bent to his raping crime; and JungShiauLin was showing up in front of me in the name of teaching me how to got the refund of importing tax (Chinese called "Tway.Sway") from Taiwan government sucking custom of 酒店工作fice free of charge, though I ended up learned nothing like JackWhat sucked; that how both JackWhat and JungShiauLin must have to go to the deepest hells to pay their treason crimes against the teaching integrity with no chance to see day light again. Do not "How.Way.Ren.10", unless you are sure that you want to be the teacher the rest of your life, because once you st 情趣用品art teaching, you must have no right to quit unless you are fired or rejected formally; I should not quitted the job in "What.Sin.Yu.Yo.Yuan", I should wait for them to fire me, then my life would have had been less miserable like I have passed through and faced now.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 景觀設計  .
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